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“A lie doesn’t become truth,
Wrong doesn’t become right,
And evil doesn’t become good
Just because it’s accepted by a majority”
-Booker T. Washington

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Always enlightened by your insight and wealth of knowledge. Thank you for caring about health and wellness.


Dr Laffay is one of the best ER physicians I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside with and I’ve always looked up to her as a mentor in this profession. I don’t think you can get more front lines than the ER. I value both her science and functional medicine approach, which are both necessary in treating and healing the whole patient. Medicine is science, but also an art.


THANK YOU Dr. Beth!!! I am so thankful this year that you came into my life! You’ve given me knowledge and strength through your words every time I hear you.


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Dr. Elizabeth Laffay, DO


Dr. Laffay is a leader in the functional medicine movement.  After graduating at the top of her class with a BS in Nutritional Sciences at Michigan State University, she went on to complete Osteopathic Medical School.  She continued her training in Detroit, MI for Trauma and Emergency Medicine and has been practicing for close to twenty years.  During her practice, she felt there was a disconnect with humanity that was pervasive in western medicine and sought out Functional Medicine through the Cleveland Clinic Institute.  She now co-owns Elite Healthcare, LLC in downtown Sandusky, OH where she is helping people feel their best by addressing root cause of disease and cultivating sincere relationships with her patients.

Currently, she attends to patients full-time at her practice, Elite Healthcare located in Sandusky, Ohio, where patients from nearly all 50 states and many countries have gotten well and reached their health potential. 

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It's time to get politics out of science and healthcare

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Beth's SB22 testimony

Beth's SB22 testimony

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Ohio Stands Up - Dr. Laffay Speech

Ohio Stands Up - Dr. Laffay Speech

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INFORMATION: for medical professionals and intellectuals who are curious and open to all aspects of science, primarily info on ivermectin for Medical professionals & others who are aware of the truth and are looking for more factual information to share/medical information


Dr. Judy Mikevitz --expert virologist who risked her everything including her life on behalf of the truth, she has multiple books and there are interviews and recordings of her talks circulating  independent news that is not funded by big pharma or otherwise influenced, and truly allows scientific discussion on vaccinations and their history show with Dr. Paul, the only physician to ever do vax v non-vaxed studies in pediatric population


Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom: on telegram for emails 

(on facebook but have been censored hard as they work to propose bills for medical freedoms)

(this is what to do about it--get involved and be aware of legislation/calls to action regarding protecting our medical freedoms)

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In this world we are living in, we want to remind you that all information that we are sharing is never ever meant to treat, cure or diagnose.
All of our posts should never be confused as medical advice. We share our opinions and are proud to live in a country where we are still entitled to voice our opinion. We will also share scientific information that we find in trusted medical journals, internet sites and engage in fear-free conversations with our community.
As with any and all medical conditions, please seek care from a qualified medical professional or your local emergency room.
Do NOT ever confuse information on our page or the internet as sound medical advice. That would be a poor decision on your part. You deserve to be in the care of a qualified physician.
By continuing to view this page, you are accepting these terms and take all health responsibility for yourself.
We look forward to a continued healthy, positive and fear-free relationship with you all.
Any communication with Dr. Elizabeth Laffay through this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute the establishment of a doctor-patient relationship. Any posts you have made about your private matters and personal health are in the public domain and therefore, are not private. Please post responsibly.

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